The main direction of the our company`s work is a development of the computer games. The majority of the companies on the market of game industry are dependent from a publisher, and so pursue the main purpose - financial profit from products, forgetting about the game as a creative activity, but not only the well paid job. We are independent developers that influence on the quality of our games. They are original, well thought-out and have logical maturity. The chief goal we follow is to make the game interesting!

We located in Orel, Russia.

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History of our company:

2003 - Outsource partner. Create graphics for mini games and flash on-line games for virtual casino.

2004 - Outsource partner. Create models for foreign AAA projects - Chaos League and Pro Rugby Manager 2.

2004 - Outsource partner. Create models for russian project - Dungeon Cleaners .

2005 - Develop Screen Savers. Our best seller - Polynetix New Year Screensaver.

2006 - Full time working on project - Crags girl. Creation most part of graphic resourses.

2007 - Develop and released our first CD project Pe-2: Dive Bomber

2008 - Start developing Burning Cars.

2008 - Start developing Direct Hit - Missile War.

2011 - Releasing Direct Hit - Missile War at Gamer'sGate and Impulse.

2013 - Releasing Direct Hit - Missile War in Russia on CD (publisher - Noviy Disk).

2013 - Releasing Burning Cars at Gamer'sGate and Desura.

2014 - Releasing Burning Cars at Steam.

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